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Did you know that Italy’s is the real birthplace of Gin? Nore did we! Upon researching, historians have found ‘Proto-gins’ a juniper based distillation created by Benedictine monks as medicine tinctures as early as 1050 AD, well before the British and Dutch that claim its invention.

The fact of the matter is, we don’t usually associate Italy with making gins but as the spirit gains a world stage revival, it’s even more exciting that we get to showcase Italian gins which provide a unique Italian taste experience.

That’s where Malfy comes in! Crafted by the Vergnano family distillery by Master distillers Denis Munni & Beppe Ronco, in Moncalieri near Turin, Piedmont, Malfy intentionally tastes different from other gins. Vacuum distilled at low temperatures and infused with six botanicals and the key lemon peel from Amalfi & Sicilian lemon which give it its unique fresh & zesty aroma!

Malfy G.Q.D.I Gin di qualita' distillato in Italia, is a high quality gin distilled in Italy.

It seems Malfy was made for Nonnas Chesterfield's #SummerofGin!

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