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We are excited to present our new Wine list compiled by our wine buff Pasquale, it includes regional, connoisseurs selections, Organic wines, indigenous grapes wine and a brand new Organic wines section.

It is important to us to keep expanding our wine horizon by bringing you exciting new producers of quality wines that are making a statement in the wine world and producing note-worthy, unique wines.

To ensure your glass of vino is always top quality and you can try out our more unusual wine finds, we have introduced the Coravin Wine System which ensures your vino is always top quality by allowing us to pour without popping the cork. Truly revolutionary! No more corked Barolos.

Along the traditional Nonnas Selection wines, there are regional specialities that will challenge your taste buds and make you fall in love with a whole new range of Italian Wines.

We are especially proud to present to you our selection of organic wines. Made from grapes grown in accordance with the principles of organic farming which excludes the use of artificial, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides, these are gems to be explored.

We fell in love with il Nero Vermentino il Torchio Rosso 2015 from Liguria made with the most unusual Vermentino nero grape. Most of us know Vermentino as producing whites, and Vermentino Nero, the dark-skinned form is produced by so few vineyards that it is virtually unknown outside of Italy and is mostly produced in Liguria or Toscana. Try it for a truly unique glass of wine which will match well with red meats, antipasto platter and even tortellini in brodo.

We hope you enjoy our new list and find your new favourite wine! Pasquale is always at hand to advise you on the perfect wine for your occasion and why not join him on our Tuesday 28th February Introduction to Wine tasting master class from 6pm-7.30pm at the deli area!
Check out Cookery School for more details or enquire with Chiara to reserve your place!

Buona Degustazione!


PS. All our wines are also available to take away and enjoy at home!
Ask a member of the team for details! 


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