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Welcome to the 'Origin'

The ‘Origin’ of all gins

August has come round super quickly and our Summer of Gin is in full swing. This month we have selected another lush gin star to highlight the diverse gin panorama available out there.

 The ‘Origin’ range of London Dry is truly unique as each gin is single estate and distilled only from juniper gathered from a single location with no added botanicals.

The focus is to give each ‘Origin’ gin a true sense of ‘place’.

On our list we propose Klanac, Croatia. This super gin is made from the distillation of English wheat spirit and juniper berries grown and gathered in Klanac.

The berries are milled using a using a burr grinder to avoid heating them before they a macerated in English wheat spirit for 24 hours. The result is cold-distilled under vacuum in a rotary evaporation still, a technique that avoids 'cooking' the botanical, thus retaining the wonderful, fresh flavours.

 We suggest to try ‘Origin’ dry to let the terroir’s aromas take center stage or with strawberries petals, dried orange and Fever Tree tonic.


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