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MEET THE TEAM : Pasquale Pollio, Sommelier & Assistant Restaurant Manager

It's the first of our 'Meet the Team' journals, where we tell you a bit more about the people behind the scenes making Nonnas Chesterfield the experience that it is.

We start with Pasquale, our Sommelier and Ass. Restaurant Manager, who's been working in Chesterfield since the dawn of the Nonnas time in 2009.

When you see him around the restaurant, he is your man for all things Wine & Cocktail related!

CA 'So, introduce yourself to the world..'
PP 'My name is Pasquale, 35, originally from Sorrento, i have been in the UK now for 11 years

CA'What brings you to the UK?'
PP 'I originally came to Sheffield to learn the language and have a winter work experience which i started at Nonnas Sheffiel in 2005, then decided to stay and was given the role of Ass. Restaurant Manager when Nonnas Chesterfield was born'

PP 'When the opportunity arose to also take up the role of Sommelier, i enrolled to the Sommelier Course in 2007 and gained my qulifications. Wine has always been one of my biggest passions!'

CA 'What do you love most about your job?'
PP 'I would say descovering new wines and creating new cocktails alongside the team. I am always looking for a wine gem to bring to our list and attending wine tastings regularly to make sure i keep up with the ever changing trends on offer'.

CA'Spill then, a favourite wine or drink?'
PP 'Taurasi hands down! It epitomises the love for my region of origin in wine. Sunny, complex, full of unforgettable taste. It sums up Campania in a glass.'

CA'What is your pet hate about the industry'

PP 'It's probably when i see wines that 'impersonate' the real Italian counterparts, are mass produced and mis-represent the taste of the real thing! There is hard labour required to make great wines, and that doesn't have to mean big money tags. If you get to a small local winery in Italy you get to taste some real gems which are true to their terroir of origins and don't make it to market because of the prohibitative competition from the mass productions. There is a whole world of wines to be discovered. I say cast your net wide'.

CA' You are obviuosly very passionate about your job, what else interests you'?

PP ' Outside of work i would say i enjoy most travelling and discovering new places; love sports and go to the gym as much as i can. Big Napoli fan! Football is also a passion'

CA' What three things are on your bucket list?'
PP' A Trip to America much over due, a wine tasting experience in the Champagne making regions of France and win the Euromillions!'

CA' And now tell me your favourite italian food and why'
PP' Melanzane Parmigiana! It reminds me of my childhood and Mamma still makes the best i have ever tasted, of course.'

More on the team soon!





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