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The gin of destiny

Now, I hear you. You don’t immediately associate Italy to gin production but it is debated, gin’s origins are rooted in monasteries, when monks used to make ailments from roots and shrubs to provide a cure to everyday aches and pains.

Italy has therefore an ancient connection to this spirit and has over the years developed Gin gems just now luckily coming to the attention of us all Gin lovers.

In the search for different styles and flavours of gins from around the world, it was obvious we would look at Italy too to bring you the country’s own take on the much loved London dry. And that’s where Roby Marton comes in!

A rock and roll kinda figure in the distillery world, a man of vision, a man, as he puts it, with a destiny.

His aim simple: to create a gin to tell his own story of the land, experiences, knowledge, heritage.
To him, his Gin, tells HIS story deep rooted in the love for his region, his child’s curiosity about brandy and thirst to learn about distilling, his father & grandfather’s recounts of their life stories.

Roby Marton is a gin like no other. Firstly it’s unfiltered so to make sure it keeps its golden hue (like brandy) and encapsulates all the flavours and scents of its 13 botanicals: citrus peel, cinnamon, licorice root, anise seed, Juniper berries, pink pepper, horseradish , Ginger, red berries , cloves.

This Gin is unique, complex, well structured, dry, with a hint juniper, licorice and ginger followed by delicate citrus notes. It is one to taste and experiment with.

We wanted to bring you gins from around the world that told a story in flavors, unusual and unique. Roby Marton does just that. It tells the story of northern Italy, of its inseparable link to the land, of the heritage that shaped its future, the story of an everyday man with a destiny.




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