Annamaria is our staff member of the month

Annamaria is our staff member of the month

Over the years Nonnas has had the privilege of employing some truly exemplary staff. 

They’ve captured the very essence of our brand and have regularly gone above and beyond the call of duty.

July 2019’s Nonnas Employee of the Month Award winner is the one and only Annamaria Ricupero.

Originally from the Trapani area of Sicily, she describes Nonnas as far more than a restaurant. She calls it “a family, a friend and a smile”.

Annamaria joined us nine months ago and her hard work and dedication has impressed us ever since.

She waits tables, she works the coffee machine and she operates the bar – she’s a great all-round worker.

Annamaria arrived in Sheffield just under three years ago following in the footsteps of her boyfriend. Things could have turned out very differently – she previously studied psychology.

Her best friend is her mum who has already visited the city twice.

Congratulations Annamaria – it has been an honour to have you as valued members of the Nonnas team!

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