Betty wins Nonnas employee of the month award

Betty wins Nonnas employee of the month award

Over the years Nonnas has had the privilege of employing some truly exemplary staff. 

They’ve captured the very essence of our brand and have regularly gone above and beyond the call of duty.

So we’ve now rewarding outstanding service on a regular basis with our Nonnas Employee of the Month Award.

Betty is our worthy October winner from the bar side of the business.

She has been greeting Nonnas’ customers with a smile for two years now.

Bar tender Betty (real name Elizabetta De Vitis) has a true passion for her job and regards Nonnas staff and customers as her ‘second family’.

Hailing from the Southern Italian town of Vernole in the province of Lecce, she is devoted to her family back in her homeland.

Betty now heads up the cocktail menu at Nonnas and she is currently enjoying working on brand new drinks that included Sheffield’s own O’Hara’s Rum.

Her ultimate dream? “My own bar, one day”. 

Congratulations Betty – it is an honour to have you as valued members of the Nonnas team!

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