Nonnas’ appeal provides hope for farming family

Nonnas’ appeal provides hope for farming family

Nonnas’ customers are providing a lifeline to an earthquake-hit farming family on the outskirts of Amatrice in Italy.

Prior to the 2016 disaster – which killed over 300 people – the farm was one of the main suppliers to Amatrice’s popular ‘Roma’ restaurant.

Money raised by our recent appeal is being used to fund a stable for the farm’s animals – seen as a priority as the family desperately tries to start to rebuilding their lives.

We visited the earthquake hit area personally over Christmas to try and make a decision on the best use of the £3,000 raised by customers.

The situation is absolutely heart-breaking – it is far worse than it is portrayed in the news. Amatrice is totally sealed off and scores of other villages have been devastated with little aid getting through to many areas we visited. Life has literally stopped for thousands of people that are living amongst ruins.

The area continues to suffer earthquake shocks and the most severe winter weather conditions of the last 70 years are making impossible for people to go back to normality.

Prior to the disaster the De Angelis family were renowned cheesemakers. 

We are hoping their donation will the first step towards the family rebuilding their lives and our ultimate dream would be having the farm supplying Nonnas with its own cheese.

We intend to return to the earthquake hit area in the coming weeks.  

Anyone wishing to make a donation to the farm or want to know more about the appeal should contact Patrizia Vicano at 

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