Stefania is our employee of the month

Stefania is our employee of the month

Over the years Nonnas has had the privilege of employing some truly exemplary staff. 

They’ve captured the very essence of our brand and have regularly gone above and beyond the call of duty.

April 2019’s Nonnas Employee of the Month Award winner is a lady with hidden musical talents.

Stefania Palazzolo arrived at Nonnas two years with hardly a word of English.

She has now mastered the language and mastered the coffee machine to become one of our most popular and talented baristas.

Stefania is from Sicily in Southern Italy and loves her life in  Sheffield.

When she’s not at Nonnas you’ll find her wandering nearby Endcliffe Park, enjoying the food at Sharrowvale Road’s Akenn or having a drink in Marmaduke’s Café in the city centre.

The one thing you might not hear is her amazing voice.

“I spent 10 years singing in a choir in Italy before I came here”.

She’s yet to sing for us at Nonnas…

Congratulations Stefania – it has been an honour to have you as valued members of the Nonnas team!

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