Steven White is our employee of the month

Steven White is our employee of the month

Over the years Nonnas has had the privilege of employing some truly exemplary staff. 

They’ve captured the very essence of our brand and have regularly gone above and beyond the call of duty.

August  2019’s Nonnas Employee of the Month Award winner is the one and only Steven White.

This is a man with a less than orthodox route to sous chef – but with a few additional skills that could likely solve all sorts of problems.

“Learn a trade” his dad said. And learn he did – he’s a City & Guilds qualified electrician and plumber.

But Steven was also moonlighting as a rookie chef in his local – Barlborough’s Royal Oak.

He was a natural in the kitchen all accounts. He ended up doing seven years, two of them as head chef!

Steven first started at Nonnas nine years ago but left for three years to manage Clowne Landscape Centre.

“I received a phone call from Ross when he took over as the new head chef and I was top of his list to create a new kitchen team so by popular demand I returned as his sous chef”.

And what does his dad think to his starring role at Nonnas – one that wows its customers with hundreds of exquisite Italian dishes every year?

“He still thinks I could burn a bowl of cornflakes!”

We beg to differ!

Congratulations Steven – it has been an honour to have you as valued members of the Nonnas team!


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