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‘Elvis’ fundraiser a complete sell-out

Thanks to everyone that has purchased tickets for our Amatrice fundraiser – we are now officially sold out! Nonnas proprietor Maurizio Mori is set to performs his Elvis show and rekindle his love for the star that started at just 3 years-old! He said: “When we had long  family car journeys to Italy the only way they could keep me quiet was to put Elvis on!” Maurizio is a virtual oracle on the king. He met Elvis’s backing band in the States and is the proud owner of a hand-embroidered Elvis-style suit which he’ll be wearing for Sunday night’s performance. The outfit – which cost $3,000 - is made by Clarkesville’s B&K Enterprises which made all the King’s trademark outfits. Maurizio said: “It took nearly six months for them to make it me – designs and fabrics were goings backwards and forwards over the Atlantic for weeks!” Nonnas have already raised over £1,700 for the Amatrice Earthquake Appeal. £5 from each ticket will be going towards the appeal.


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