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Generosity of Nonnas’ customers brings Amatrice cheese dream a step closer

Nonnas’ customers have been providing a lifeline to an earthquake-hit farming family on the outskirts of Amatrice in Italy.

Prior to the 2016 disaster - which killed over 300 people – a farm run by the De Angelis family produced one of the most renowned cheeses in the region.

An ‘Elvis’ show starring Nonnas’ proprietor Maurizio Mori raised over a £1,000 and it is now confirmed that the money is being used to fund new equipment to improve production at the farm and help get the business back on its feet.

“Our ultimate dream would be having the farm supplying Nonnas with its own cheese”, said Maurizo who is set to visit the region personally in the coming months to check on progress.

Money raised by a Nonnas’ appeal which has been running for over 18 months has already helped fund a stable for the farm’s animals.

Maurizio Mori said: “It is wonderful to see progress being made and people really starting to rebuild their lives and their business. It has been a privilege to help and build a relationship with the De Angelis family.”

The fund has now raised over £4000. Anyone wishing to donate to the appeal should call Nonnas on 0114 268 6166.



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